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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother's Day card using Carolee Jones's graphics

Ok I know this is a bit self promoting but heck it's my blog right?
So I made a cute Mother's Day card using my new "Modern Mom" graphics from PcCrafter.com (plus one image from "Cluckin kitchen"). The basic victorian envelope is in the creatable set and I just added some of the images and typed in addresses to mail out using Wendy Medium font. The hard part was deciding which graphics to use since they were all so stinkin cute! Plus how do you use ONE image to show all the things a MOM does? My mom did it all and I am finding I am following in her footsteps to do the same,...us SUPER CHICS have to remind each other how much we apprecate the examples of those that have gone befor and made such big shoes to fill. I hope I'm measuring up to the potential of what my Mom was and is and what I can be.

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Peg said...

hi there! love your graphics and have bought a few- but I'm wondering how you make your envelopes, I've tried and they either don't come out the right size or i can't figure out how to place the graphic right so it's an A2 size. What app do you use? Word? do you have a template or is the envelope a whole graphic? thanks in advance for replying, this is frustrating me. :)