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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I should update this thing more often!  It's been another year...so much to write about, & I'll do that in detail in another post, but for today,... I'll just say GOOD MORNING, I'm UP & moving (slowly all be it, but moving just the same). I accidently broke my middle right toe yesterday morning while carrying a heavy load of wet clothes to hang on the drying racks in the living room by the wood stove and couldn't see where I was going well enough to avoid all the boxes, luggage & stuff piled there. I know I hit something hard cuz I went down hard, grabbed my toe and held in all the 'black words that wanted to surface from the pain'. I managed NOT to dump the wet laundry out of the basket and got up muttering loudly and then proceeded to continue my chores. I hung up all the laundry, then got dressed to exercise...did a 50 minute cardio workout from Rockin' Body, with Shaun T (w/BeachBody.com) (*noticed my toe really hurt when I put pressure on it in certain moves and tried to modify somewhat through out the workout). Then took a hot shower and as I was drying off looked down to see a HUGE purple/blueish swollen toe,...dang it! So I had my daughter wrap it for me and put back on my shoes and continued through out my days chores,...stopping every so often to put my foot up when I could.
I don't handle pain well at all, & some would call me a whimp...How I ever managed to birth 5 children is beyond me! So needless to say 2 ibprofin's to help with the inflamation didn't even come close to covering the pain tolerance, but helped with the constant throbbing thru part of the day's chores. By late evening I was GRUMPY at best and not very pleasant. I also had to help my daughter Wendy with an online purchase that went south. She'd never used her credit card to purchase anything that needed to be shipped here, so by accident gave the physical BANK address (that was on the back of the credit card) to the company instead of our BILLING address, which caused a glitch in the order to not process. 3 phone calls later & we THOUGHT it was all fixed. She checked her email at the end of the day expecting to see a proof of purchase and tracking info...and it said it was pending upon further information needed. UGH!!!! &*!@X)$%+)S!!!! (*those are loud mutterings under my breath for how I felt about this LONG unproductive process) SOOOOOOOO today we'll call again and get this thing straightened out so she can ether finalize the purchase of her NEW computer for college OR cancel the order all together and look for a better company with better customer service! Needless to say, with my pain tolerance for my broken toe, my tone to the folks over the phone was SHORT & impatient,..and it didn't help that NO ONE SPOKE very good English, PLUS on the last phone call they had some sort of 'emergency alarm' beeping loudly in the background making it near impossible to understand each other. SO FRUSTRATING!
I am hoping today holds MUCH better attitude & promise for things getting DONE!
I am dressed to workout, have my toe wrapped tightly, wearing tight socks & shoes to support & protect it,...I will choose a workout I can modify  and still burn off some calories ( I CAN'T AFFORD to sluff off just when I got back to my first real consistent week of workouts again...if the momentum is broken, I'll loose the steam to keep at it)