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Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas...

December started off on 'fast forward' to celebrate the holiday season early when Rob called from the slope to let us know he would be coming home for the holidays...SORT OF... but only for a week and then he would have to return back to work for three more weeks after that to finish out some 'end of the year contract jobs' for the company. So we moved up all our holiday festivities & celebrations and prepared to cram them all in the one week he could be home.
Tree & house decorated, (60=cards/family photo/family newsletter-printed, folded & stuff, shopping done, presents wrapped & labeled, holiday songs sung, Santa came, presents opened, massive amounts of goodies baked, eaten, and shared, girls happy with getting & giving, and most of the mess cleaned up. So that 'one week home for rob' has come and gone (we will miss him the rest of the year!), and I sent him back to the slope this morning, needless to say I'm just a little bit tired!
The girls still have one more week of school ,holiday concerts, another church potluck & a few dinner invitations and Christmas parties to attend to, an orthodontist appointment in Soldotna and helping me stay on top of the laundry, dishes and more holiday baking still yet to be done...so the festivities aren't completely over with, and the word "BUSY" still applies to the Jones household name for the month of December.
Next comes the other big project I do every year...the family calendar. It was put on hold while Rob was home and I will dive back into it as well as two other artwork deadlines this and next week. So I might find time to post again before the end of the year..but if not... here's wishing you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR from the frozen chosen Jones clan up in the great white north of Homer, Alaska!

Climbing the hill...ROB 46! Jessica 19!

A tad behind am I for posting new news! Sorry about that. This time of year I'm running around with a zillion and one things to do and that list keeps accumulating & adjusting daily,... it's hard to keep up with everything. So to start off we had two birthday's at the end of November.
Robert's and Jessica's birthday was on the 27th of November (and on Thanksgiving day wahoo!), but due to the fact that Rob wasn't going to be home on the actual day (because of his work schedule up on the slope)...we celebrated it early and had a full blown Thanksgiving meal with all the fixin's with his Dad n Mina who drove down from Kenai to celebrate with us. GOOD company, GOOD FOOD! We ate till we just about burst! The day before we also had a Thanksgiving potluck at the church, so after two meals in a row to celebrate the turkey day..come the actual day of Thanksgiving, we were almost turkied out! Then the Clutt's family knew Rob would be out of town and invited us to their annual feast out at the Anchor River Inn where I was requested to bring my famous homemade crescent rolls and various pies (I think I made over 14 pies in all). After all that food and stress...it was nice to indulge in a little R&R with a side by side hour swedish massage at the Homer Day Spa with Jessica the following day. Jessica said it was one of the best birthday presents she had ever had!