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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ear piercing SCREAMS of Delight!

On Friday, only two days after school was out and in the midst of settling into a busy summer schedule with our sign company and having the kids home again the phone began to ring off the hook. The noise level was ever increasingly LOUD all day long. Then one of those phone calls created massive amounts of screaming and jumping up and down by Wendy, our 4th child.For about 5 minutes we couldn't figure out what her problem was, good or bad her high pitched screaming was loud enough the neighborhood could hear it! Apparently her girl friend called to congratulate her on making the cut into SWING CHOIR!
During the last week of school, Wendy had auditioned for the very exclusive Homer High Swing Choir . She was pressured by her friends to do the audition, even though she didn't think she was good enough, despite the fact she qualified for Borough Honor Choir and ALL State Choir this past year ( we all think she's Good Enough!) Funny how we are all our worst critics, so needless to say she wasn't expecting anything from it. During the audition she even forgot some of the words to our national anthem from being so nervous. She told me afterwards,..."its no big deal, I"ll try out again next year" (as its most common for Juniors or Seniors to get in NOT Sophomores).
So drum roll please....our Wendy is now apart of a special singing group (for the next three years) and one of only TWO Sophomores! We are so PROUD of her! Way to go WENDY!

Jessica Graduates

Well its official another of our offspring crossed the line to adulthood.
Jessica Kimberly Elaine Jones (our second of five children) graduated from Homer High School on Wednesday evening May 21st, 2008th. We are so PROUD of her and how she's turned out so far. She has plans to stay in Homer to work and save money for college in winter/spring quarter. She's applied at several schools but hasn't decided yet. In the meantime she's working at BAY VIEW INN, doing housekeeping. She's not too thrilled about the type of work but its a job and a means to an end. She said she's interested in Nursing as her direction for schooling so we'll see what that brings. Whatever she decides...from being a teacher to a nurse to an astronaut, she's smart enough to do anything she puts her mind to! WAY TO GO JESSY!
*Jessica would also like to say Thank You to all those that sent cards and money to congratulate her, she is very grateful for your kindness and generosity!