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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's better late than never...right?

November 23rd, 2009
WOW... talk about procrastination, I have it BAD!
HOW did I let my life get so busy that I completely forgot to update my family blog! ugh...oh well, guess it's never too late to start today and catch up. SO for a new beginning, I'll simple post some text and say A LOT has happened since last year about this time and there's no flippin' way to type it all or share it all. You'll just have to wait till the family news letter comes out with the Christmas Card that will be sent in a few weeks. Which in itself will be different this year as Rob is composing it,...and he was only here half of the time. I gave him the assignment to write the family news letter because I'm trying a new thing called "DELAGATING responsibilities"... of my many holiday activities so that I'm not so stressed out this year. With so much happening by the first part of the year...starting with a trip for ALL of us Jones's to Utah for Bobby & Kylie's wedding. Plus with Rob home every night (with his new job @ Petro Marine Services), he has had a better view of the crazy harmonal up and downs that this Jonesville adventure ride takes every day. Some days...it's "UP, UP & AWAY "and other days its ..."aaaaaaggghhh slip, sliding away... where is the break peddle"! And the schedule is constantly changing so even if you THINK you have it all planed out, its NOT! Somethings bound to come up and make you bend over backwards to fit into another tight corner of last mintue to do's!
SO with that said you know there is going to be alot of interesting things to hear about.