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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Jones Family Christmas Tree WITH a picture

ok.. I feel silly now..got all the way through the long process of uploading and accidently in my excitement closed the box and the site and LOST the pic..... UGH!!!!!
*sigh... taking a DEEP breathe and counting to 10...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...OK lets try this again.

pics of the tree & ornaments

its been a while since i posted.. can you tell! Somehow I did something wrong on the first post and the pictures didn't load up, then posted a second time with pictures only /no text and somehow they got lost too. I'll post ONE more time and see if 'three time's a charm'....

2009 Jones Family Christmas Tree

I did it... I allowed someone to HELP me or rather DO it (Decorate the tree) for me this year! Rob unstrung the 1200 lights, found the dead ones, and restrung the old n new so that Krystal could start the decorating process. We have lots of fun ornaments and they all have meaning and the girls usually like to help reminiscing over who's was who's and why. But this year everyone was too busy and too tired. We all went to bed before that job got taken care of...but in the morning we awoke to a 'Santa helper' who decorated the tree all by herself and put around the base, all the wrapped presents she had helped buy. (if it wasn't for Krystal's generosity & kindness it would have looked sparse under there for sure!)With Bobby & Kylie's wedding in January and most of the $$ going to the tickets to get there, Santa's pockets were almost empty this year. So here is a picture of our tree...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ok... I'll just be brief!
I'm in the middle of making 108 Christmas cards, with various parts n pieces, this year using some of my own artwork. My daughters have helped and it's been fun. I started out thinking I only needed 75, then I updated my list..and it went up to 108!!!
I'm also in the middle of several Christmas projects...helping the girls MAKE things for each other.
I'm also OF COURSE,..in the middle of wedding things. Working on 300 "Hugs&Kisses from the NEW Mr. & Mrs." tags,...with pictures and flowers and brads..and some inking. Only half way through those. Then there are the 150 THANK YOU double sided Post Cards for Bobby & Kylie,..they are mostly designed..I just need to resize and add the new P.O. Box they just got last week.
My old printer DIED on my right before I had to leave for Washington/Idaho and so while i was outside.. I contacted my good techno goo-roo and asked him to do some research and shopping for me, since my parents computer internet connection is slower than molasses, and with his help ordered it online and it arrived shortly after I got home. I LOVE MY NEW wide format Workforce 1100 EPSON printer. It's so quiet and efficient and the quality is ..WOW! I've already put it through several BIG projects and its doing great!
I'm also keeping up with the holiday baking and trying to make something every other day if possible. The house smells great, but isn't quiet clean... that is something I'll always have to work on. I spent a few hours in there this afternoon to get it ready to bake some more..but I still have some other projects to do before its bedtime.. the baking might just have to wait till tomorrow after church.
Right now Krystal & Rob are attempting to take off the old 1200 lights and see what works and what doesn't... then restring the good ones on. I"m doing fairly good at NOT stressing...with allowing them to do that job that usualy is MINE!... But I can feel silver hairs popping up on my head as we speak.. I may have to just go in the back room and chill!
OK.. better get my rear in gear and not sit too long.. everytime I do.. I tend to fall asleep.