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Monday, January 5, 2009

some NEW pics of our Elder Bobby Jones on Christmas

Christmas time also brought us the infamous call home from
our Missionary,
Elder Bobby Jones
. We were all excited to hear from him and listen to his voice (wow he sounds so much like is dad!), and then the very next day Sister Julie Scherzinger, bless her heart, emailed me pictures taken of him and his companion, Elder Nielson ( from Alberta, Canada), and their family where they spend Christmas day at. You'll see in the pictures that her son Bradly and Elder Jones get along like two peas in a pod. THANKS Julie for adding to our holiday JOY with those pictures you sent to us and for being Bobby's saragate family and doing it so well! BIG HUGS!
(*ps... I should add to this post that Elder Jones officially turned the "BIG 21" on the 18th of December, I can't believe he's that old already...I'm sure I'll be shocked enough when he comes home in just a few months by his transformation in size and spirit. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU SON!)

JESSICA is an Official CNA now~! (thats a Certified Nursing Assistant)

Drum roll please...... tada tada tada... Anouncing the graduation of Jessica Jones in her quest to become a CNA which will help her earn some moolah to pay for college!
She actually graduated a few weeks back and is now officially working at the South Peninsual Hospital here in Homer 3 times a week in Long Term Care. It's only part time but a great start to her future! Here are some fun pictures of her graduation party and her at home after her first day of work.

THE FLU hit our house over the Holidays

First off, all us girls went to see the new TWILIGHT movie and had a great time! The movie theater is close enough we all walked there and back. Then after wards Jessica, Krystal & Wendy drove out to the Haas's house for a slumber party, ...sadly to say Jessica wasn't there long when the flu bug hit her hard. Poor thing was throwing up all night long! Wendy drank from the same soda and popcorn so she was a bit queezy....so after they returned home late the next day, Jessica tried to recover and just when Wendy thought she had skipped it altogether it got her too. In fact I took her to get her Birthday 1 hour Swedish Massage and after wards to Two Sister's Bakery for a treat, she had one bite and one sip and said she felt sick. I brought her home and sure enough...she had the flu too. So we just laid low and skipped the cake, party, pictures and festivities while she threw up and slept. She did open her gifts that evening and we all sang the monkey song to her.
"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You look like a monkey
...and you smell like one too!"

It was funny cuz all of us looked bad and felt horrible,...we laughed and called it a day. So Wendy made her cake a few days later and Jessica took the picture of it and Wendy who was still recovering from the flu bug (hence the half smile).
HAPPY BELATED Birthday WENDY!!!!! Let's hope NEXT year is MUCH MUCH better! (*on a good note she absolutely LOVED the massage and wants to do it again real soon!)
Also I forgot to mention, I normally don't allow myself time off to just sit and read books. I normally multitask in order to keep up and feel productive and since I'm not a fast reader and it takes A LOT to keep my interest to struggle through a book and sit that long, I only do it about once or twice a year. After seeing the TWILIGHT movie, I decided I was going to read the 4 books in the series. I had NO IDEA they were so long. Over 600 to 700 pages on some of them. So during all the flu bug ickies at our house... I crawled into bed and read and read and read and got up to pee and eat briefly and back to bed to read and read and read some more. I got very little sleep but finally finished all four books with in a three day period. I LOVED the books!!! Can't wait to see how they create the next three movies to cover the story line. The movie condensed parts and moved some sequencing around, but over all did a good job at portraying the charactures in the story. I'd see it again if it were playing here. It's one we'll definitly buy for our collection for sure!
Then a last note about what me and the girls did to celebrate 2008! Since no one was feeling up to a big party and I was done baking goodies for big parties and church/community events, I decided to treat us ALL to a 1 hour swedish massage at the Homer Day Spa on New Years Eve day. I sent Jessica & Krystal to get theirs first adn they came back glowing with rave reviews to do it again! Then Wendy & Brittany and I went to our session. The two younger girls were in a room together and I had the yurt. I LOVE the smells of the essential oils and the feel of my skin afterwards. Being warm and letting my muscles get the attention they need to relax and rejuvinate is uterly amazing! We tipped big and decided we'd start a tradition and do it again next year! If your interested check out their website. The summer months are booked months in advance since they are a hot spot for tourists that come to enjoy Homer, Alaska, but the winter months...they have LOTS of openings and the pretty view from the bluff is amazing as well.