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Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 new clipart sets Released by Carolee Jones from PcCrafter

PcCrafter released two new sets from me. One last month called TRAVEL BUG OUTDOORS, and one just yesterday called PiRats
For more details...click on the links below and then the preview link under the cover page. There will be arrows to click forward to view all the images included in each set!
TravelBug Outdoors

I've been TAGGED!

My sister-in-law Tagged me and normally I don't do these sort of things...but figured I might as well ...but NO blackmailing or teasing of any kind afterwards!!!
Here goes:
What was I doing 10 years ago?:
My memory isn't what it use to be, but that would be 1998... the year we bought the CUSTOM LETTERING & SIGNS business.EVERYTHING changed after that and I became a stay at home working mom on top of everything else. If I did not know how to multitask or dovetail my responsibilities as a mother, wife,' professional do everything business , church & community.' person...I learned quickly to sink or swim that year! I DID BOTH!
Whats on my -TO DO LIST- for today?:
* Call and check in with Rob @ 5:30am
* Get girls up for seminary & school @6:00am
* Exersize (40 minute Turbo Jam Cardio tape) remembering to wear the weight gloves to add that extra umph of effort!
* Reheat soup from last night for girls to take in their thermoses for lunches ( Two of the 4 girls are suffering from head colds-poor things)
* Make breakfast: scrambled eggs, English muffins, sausage (*note, remember to defrost and cook up two vegitarian sausages for Brittany, who won't do red meat)
* Help with girls lunches if needed ( * If they have food for the day they wont be as cranky when they come home...saves me A LOT Of grief!)
* Check my emails, send off a few replies
* Take my vitamins & drink a whole bottle of water BEFORE my walk
* Eat my own scrambled eggs n sausage sandwich (on my walk)
* Go for a 2 1/2 mile walk with Janeal ( it's Pat's bowling day so she's wont be joining us today)
* Shower & Eat a snack
* Check emails and visit with Friends online briefly
* Check to see if Bobby emailed us so I can update the family blog
* Continue working on line art in prep for painting artwork for PcCrafter (* 30 images due with in a weeks time)
* Call Mom and check on her
* Be aware Wendy might call and need to be picked up from school not feeling well. ( she made a bargain with me she'd go..as long as I'd come get her later in the day if she couldn't handle it with her stuffy nose and congested sinus/head thing)
* Visiting Teachers coming to visit at 3:30 (*make sure Jessica stays put so she can be taught too)
* Check with girls about homework load and turn the TV OFF after an hour of down time after school
* Fix Tacos for dinner
* Eat with the girls and be SURE they all have something!
* Do two more loads of laundry
* Unload dishwasher and reload it
* Continue drawing/painting on deadline for PcCrafter
* Call Rob and report days events
* Have Prayers with the girls and get to bed before midnight...again!
* ... go over list of things to do in my head before falling asleep!
3 Things you might not know about me:
1. I love being in the SUNSHINE, feeling it on my face and soaking into my skin till it warms up my very core!mmmmm (*so YES I suntanning weekly and dream of far off white shores and bluegreen waters often)
2. I dye my hair every three months, under those pretty warm chocolate, brown sugar and honey colors are shiney silver strands that my kids like to call 'magic' which comes from stress and of coures my genentics from both my mom and dad's side of the family. Both my grandmothers were completely gray by the time they were in their mid 20's and 30's. I just turned 40...Yikes!
3. I always wanted to illustrate a childrens book ...who knows... someday it might happen!
3 Bad habits of mine:
1. Over annalizing things and forget to take time out to breathe
2. I fold my clothes..but often place them in neat piles on the floor, not in my closet
3. Talking too much in detail ( people don't always want that version)
4 TV shows or Movies I Love:
1. CSI (I'm always intriged by the trail of details that lead to the end)
2. The Mentalist ( a new TV show *all about noticing the details!!! and the main character is a hottie!)
3. So you think you can dance (I LOVE to watch and critque)
4. Rachael Ray (she has great cooking recipes and tips)
4 Books I love:
*gosh I don't make time to read very often but the few I have read are:
1. The whole 10 books from the "Tennis Shoes Amoung the Nephites" series, by Chris Hiemerdinger (his writting style is complicated with several story lines all going on at the same time and he leaves you hanging in suspense at the end of every single book. Plus I've never read anything that motivated me to go into the scriptures and read deeper about the details that might be inbetween the written words.
2. "Take Two Chocolates and call me in the morning", by Emily Watts
(*I just attended a TIME OUT conference where she was a speaker and WOW, she's better in person! LOVE how normal she is and how I relate to fighting that "GUILT Trip" daily!)
4 Jobs I've had:
1. Paper route (hated this one cuz I had to get up early and after rolling the papers it left INK all over my hands that felt dry, and... then at the end of each month I had to ask the people to PAY me...I still hate asking for money wether its due to me or not)
2. Busser at Jaspers (in Kent, Washington as a teenager)
3. Graphic Designer (self employeed with our Sign Business CLS)
4. Art Teacher at a Charter school for a year ( LOVED this job,but still got butterflies each morning worried I wasn't good enough to teach)

...and I know it only said 4, but...
the last one to note is my BE ALL/EVERYTHING JOB as a Mother & Wife. If I had to break down my specific jobs I'd have a resume that was endless, but typical of all the other mom's I know WE DO DO IT ALL!

4 Places I've lived:
1. Downey, Idaho
2. Kent Washington
3. Texas (not sure where and I was ony 3 months at the time)
3. Haines, Anchorage and Homer, ALASKA
5 of my Favorite Foods:
1. Kraft Maccaroni & Cheese, green beans and a green salad
2. Land's End- Clam Chowder & famous sour dough bread
3. Deep Dish PIZZA with the works (minus the little fishes and peperoni)
4. Those little oven roasted italian appitizer baggets with the tomatoe, spinich, motz and fresh basil with olive oil and meditranian balsmic vinegret on top YUM!
5. Creme' brule' * and when ever I go out to eat, if they have it, I order it first and enjoy every mouthfull as if it was heaven ( Rob always tells me to keep it down or the other customers will get jeleous!)

SO THERE YA HAVE IT! I did one! now TAG your it!....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a NEW doo for Jessica

I forgot to mention that after 5 years of growing her hair out, Jessica finally decided to cut her hair. Most of her friends were headed off to college and one of her best friends cut her hair too, so in the excitement of all that she got hers cut as well! It was fun to see a GROUP of friends all show up at the Elcipz Salon to watch & support Jessica as she had almost 12 inches cut off and trimmed to a new sassy style. Here are the pictures of it straight and naturally curly with the fun of being able to run her fingers through it and flip a few curls here and there.
I have to admit...she sure looks grown up in her new hair doo!

Gathering of the Jones family WINTER FUEL

During Rob's last week home, he managed to get all his girls but Krystal and go up to a friends place and load up the large trailer full of logs from trees Rob had previously bucked up.
So here are a few pictures of the family (minus Krystal who had to work that day) standing atop of the wood pile that will of course need to be split on Rob's next time home from the slope.
Our good Friend Nate L. and Rob share a splitter and take turns using it, so I'll have to be sure he can bring it into town and find time to get all the girls together and help cut up that pile of wood for our winter fuel. Everyone knows how MOM likes to be warm and when the momma ain't happy the whole house ain't happy, so the girls will willingly HELP, once I remind them of that fact.

What a beautiful Smile!

Just look at that pretty smile!
On Thursday last week, we drove to Soldotna (and hour and a half drive away from Homer where we live) and visited Dr. Justin Moore our family Orthodontist, where Krystal had her braces taken OFF!!! She was so excited and you can see it in her pretty smile! I see a slight resemblance to her older brothers broad smile as well. "Hey Elder Bobby Jones...what do you think?"
Wendy is next in line to have her brace treatment completed and we'll update you all when that event happens for her. But in the meantime as a proud mother of some knock out- dead- gorgeous girls I'm taking a few moments to spot light and show off the hard work of Dr. Moore & Krystal...and of course to say...
THANK YOU GRANDPA BATSON for your generous funding to pay for her pretty smile. Now the trick will be to keep the boys at bay, its a good thing Krystal doesn't know how cute she is or we'd REALLY be in trouble!
CONGRATS to a happy healthy smile sweatheart!