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Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Missionary, Elder Jones*(just under 5 months till your home again)

I don't know if you all keep up with the updated emails I post here of Elder Bobby Jones on his mission, but if you happen upon our family blog and scroll all the way down to the bottom that's where you'll find all the most recent scoop of whats going on with our Missionary. So for today I thought I'd share some recent photos he sent home in his last few emails to show you his great big smile, and for all of those who have asked about how he is doing ... see for yourself...He's busy busy busy... sharing the restored gospel with all the passion of his personality and LOVING what he's doing! and here's a quote from him in one of his previous emails ..."This has been a great experience to see the Lord mighty work through his servants (the missionaries) to bring about the eternal life & happiness of his children! I truly am grateful to be apart of that and for having an awesome family and great friends like you all back home cheering me on. I couldn't ask for anything more!" Elder Jones