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Life is about the “Adventure”…that envelopes the simplicity of line, color, perspective and balance…all wrapped up in the emotions of life, that motivate us to change, be more than we are and inspire us and others to make the journey worthwhile, no matter where we end up.

Friday, April 25, 2008

MOOD SWINGS!From weary blue, to roses red, to...soul Sunshine yellow!

I woke up this morning to a SNOW STORM! I guess living in Alaska, that is to be expected every now & then, but yesterday I was wearing capris and flip flops for crying out loud!
So as I started my day... I felt weary and blue. Not seeing the warmth of the sunshine and knowing we'd have a few more days of cold temps really put me in a funk. Then I looked at the beautiful bouquet of red roses my dear husband surprised me with yesterday for no reason at all, and smiled (* a little 'soul sunshine' he knew I needed). Then I opened an email from my sister-in-law to find the most uplifting Mother's Day message that I just had to share with you:
Make sure you have a few tissues on hand while you watch it. I had tears rolling down my cheeks... but afterwards felt uplifted. It's been a long time since my children were that little, the powerful love and emotions that a mother feels spans the threads of time. This reminded me of my own son, who is now grown and off serving a church mission. He's been gone a year, but I remember the day as if it were yesterday when he was little, sitting on my lap at bed time reading stories, all squiggly and smiling as we snuggled. Just look at you now.......... I LOVE YOU SON! you make me proud to be your mother!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Newest Creatable by Carolee

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The first step is always the hardest

Well here we go, this is my first official post to my new blog. I have been inspired by many other blogs and wanted for some time now to create one of my own, ...just hadn't made the time to make it happen. But there is no better time than the present!
I hope that as I learn more I can post news and pictures and current projects and artwork so that this will be a fun and exciting place to frequently visit.