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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Basic Bread Recipe by Carolee Jones

Preheat oven to 370 degrees
*Mix together and let rise 15 minutes or until yeast is fully bloomed
1 cup of warm water
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup of honey
2 Tablespoons of Yeast
*In a glass measuring container or bowl heat milk in microwave for 1 1/2 minutes
2 cups of milk (you can substitute water if desired)
*slowly add milk to yeast
*add one cup at a time
approximately 6-9 cups of flour
(* I grind 2-3 cups of wheat into flour then add remaining white flour)
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt (add this after the 6th cup of flour)
*Remove dough from mixing bowl - it should be still slightly sticky.
*Kneed just enough flour into the dough to make it elastic.
*Place dough into a large greased bowl & cover & let rise till doubled!
My house is hot so it doesn't take more than 30 minutes, but the more wheat you have in the recipe the longer it takes to rise.
*Punch dough down from sides into middle, dump dough onto counter and divide with knife into 4 equal parts, place in bread pans & cover to let sit and rise.
Bake @375 for about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.
*if using a convection oven Bake for only 15 minutes.
***optional***I like to throw in 1 cup of wheat germ, 1/2 cup of ground flax seeds, & 1/2 cup of zoom hot cereal uncooked. This just gives it extra texture and crunch.
***for my crescent rolls*** follow recipe but use only white flour. After mixing dough divide into two equal parts and roll out into 18" circle. Brush olive oil over surface and using a pizza cutter cut from the outside in making long triangles. Then Roll each from the outside inward and place on a greased baking dish. *I've used a pizza circle pan, and placing rolls like a big floret design, or same placement in pie tins.Let rise till big and puffy & Bake @375 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.


Anonymous said...

thanks! :) I must try this!

~Michelle~ said...

oh man...now I'm distracted AGAIN! I can't wait to try this....but it won't be next week!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing! :)

Katydyd79 said...

Hi! Did your Happy Oven stamp come with the template they mention in the instructions? If so, could you please give me the measurements of the template so I can make one? My Happy Oven didn't come with one. I contacted Art Gone Wild this morning, but still no response, and I'd really like to make this card sooner rather than later! Thanks! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Art Gone Wild stamps!

Kelly Robson said...

I can't wait to try this recipe in my new Ankarsum mixer. Thanks for sharing this.